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from 10-16 August 2008 in Alabel, Sarangani Province


From the start of our second year, the Governor of Sarangani province gave his full commitment for this Mission taking place not too far from General Santos in the South of the Philippines. He even provided the government buildings of the Capitol, comprising numerous educative, historical, sports and cultural structures which are the fruit of a perfect harmony between the various ethnic groups. Rosa Mystica 2008 is gathering an important medical team of 26 doctors, 5 dentists, 2 pharmacists, and about 60 nurses. About 100 volunteers with the help of the army ensure the logistics.

Last preparations before the arrival of the sick.


Hundreds of patients on the first day

Second day for Rosa Mystica and already more than 300 patients rushed at the doors of the provisional medical center-a gym! The day started with joy in an official, grandiose and unexpected ceremony in front of all the employees of the Sarangani Province. Prayer, raising of the flag, national anthem, and welcome discourses marked the first moments of this mission founded on friendship. Alas! Distress followed these short moments. Deprived families didn't even have the 50 cents to pay their ride back home in their mountain villages. Numerous and diverse diseases were indentified and taken care of on time but sometimes, the diagnostic arrived too late. The spiritual needs weren't forgotten : after an adequate catechism by the SSPX Oblates and the Bethanians, hundreds of scapulars were blessed and distributed to the patients, by the two priests, Frs. Couture and Ghela.

Fr. Daniel Couture welcomed by the Vice Governor
The crowd of employees: welcome and official thanks
A new comer to our mission: Poland, with Dr. Elizbiete Kowalska, pediatrician.


The whole world is turned towards the Philippines

Thanks to ACIM, the Philippines are not forgotten from the rest of the world. Volunteers, medical teams, doctors and religious from all horizons join the mission. They are Malaysian, South Koreans, Canadians, Filipinos but also French, Polish or even New Zealanders or Americans.

They all have one goal: to heal! To heal bodily wounds for the ones, to heal spiritual wounds for the others. For more than 10 hours, dentists (they were 14 today!) pediatricians, general practicioners, pharmacists and nurses bandage wounds, extracted teeth. The young Bethanians were catechizing, the priests were blessing, confessing, offering the Holy Mass. Thanks to ACIM's network, the grievous cases were referred to local specialists who will take care of them freely.

The continuity of medical care is guaranteed.

14 dentists worked non-stop
All took refuge under the mantle of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
What anxiety in the eyes of this mother who, like so many others, see the doctor for the first time!
How many months before reaching this stage?


If there had only been seven wounds.

The presence of our medical mission is now known throughout the whole South of Mindanao, and more and more serious cases are brought to our doctors and volunteers nurses.

One can see torn fingers, poked eyes, open wounds, but all the faces radiate with hope and trust in the medical personnel. Here, an large wound has remained open since February. In the absence of means, it was treated with wood charcoal. There, a trouser is lifted revealing an ankle blackened with gangrene. There again, a little child's smile melts your heart through his gaping harelip. No tears are seen, no complaint heard, occasionally a brief moan is let out under the pain of forceps, or a scalpel. and everyone is grateful.

Outside, the line grows, always smiling. 60 filipina nurses welcome, reassure and lead them. The doctors treat, the pharmacy is animated, medicines melt away and are wanting.

Night comes, another day must be prepared.

Such a sweet smile that pierces your heart

A forest accident. The mission has probably saved his hand.

So many tears and so much pain for this little innocent

A few sweet moments: the revealed truth: a balm for souls!

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