RMHM 2017

Rosa Mystica Health Mission 2017

   The 11th Rosa Mystica Health Mission was held in Sarangani Provincial Capitol from 15 to 22 of February 2017 with an extension mission in the nearby towns of Malungon and Malalag, Davao del Sur. This was the second medical mission conducted by ACIM-Asia in the province, the first one was in the year 2008.

   The mission was organized and carried out in partnership with the Office of the Governor of Sarangani Province and the 10th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army.

Arrival of Volunteers

Arrival of volunteers in General Santos City with the Philippine Army providing transportation. 

Dr Jean-Pierre Dickes, president of ACIM (France) welcomed by the Dominican Sisters.

Official Opening of the Mission

Orientation of Volunteers and Partners

Volunteers and partners talked about the mission flows for the next 7 days.


Day 01

Patients registration and vitals sign were in-front of the Capitol Gymnasium.


Blood sugar test.

While waiting for their turn, our Legion of Mary are teaching the patients on how to pray the rosary.

Our regular mission ophthalmologist, Dr Elaine B Araneta from Manila
1LT Michael C Briones DS (PA) with his troop from 1370th Dental Detachment SSBN 10ID PA

An emergency. Patient was transported to the hospital.

Getting rid of boredom.

Day 02

Dr Ma. June G. Viray, a pediatrician and the president of ACIM-Asia.

The Physical Therapy Section.

Day 03

Day 04

Day 05

Day 06

A day for our Person With Disability (PWD) patients.

Day 07

Last day of the mission in Sarangani.

Deo Gratias!


21 February 2017



The Tagansule Team


22 February 2017

A visit to Lamlifew Village Museum and IP Integrated School

at Lalifew, Datal Tampal, Malungon, Sarangani Province

Behind the Scene Actions

Samyeo And His Mission Adventures

Me As A Mission Volunteer :)
For this mission, here's my basic kit...

LOVE is the Reason.

Hello.. hello... Can you here me? So here's the instruction..

Coffee, Milo or Me? ;)

Don't we have a computerized referral desk? I mean, I don't think you can
read my hand writings...

This is what I am saying...

Sugar anyone, I mean who wants to have their blood sugar count taken? It's not painful
at all, just a microscopic ouch!

"Silence please", "silencio por favor", "silence s'il vous plaît", " ayaw ug saba, palihog"! 

Data, data, data...

Be calm and wear eye glasses! 

Getting ready for consultation.

“Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.”
— Mahalia Jackson

Oh ladies... The veterans of the pharmacy <3 <3 <3

It's so hot in here...

Me As A Patient :(

Ouch! I hope my sugar count is not that high or gotta say bye bye to chocolates :(

Do I need new eye glasses?

Oh, this eye glasses are superb! I can read it all! Yey!

Doc, wanna see my white shining teeth? 

I can't breath!

It say's here, I need a good dose of love, lots of cuddles, and tons of kisses! Wow, best prescription ever!

Asthma attacked! Good thing that the mission is always ready!

ECG! I really needs lots of loves and hugs...

Checking my heart!

Ooppss, I didn't expect this! I thought I just need love, hugs and kisses?!

and my extra curricular activities

Oh! I'm not for sale. I'm manning the mini store.

It's been a while, how are you uncle?

Going on a trip! See you later!

Oh wow! Great sound!

This is a jeepney!

Serving the people, Securing the mission!

Guess where I am?

Until then...