The Catholic Association of  Nurses, Doctors and Health Professional in Asia (ACIM-Asia), is a professional association. It seeks to assist all those who work in the medical domain, but also those who are interested in the great ethical questions that surface with time by the discoveries of science or the trends of opinion.
It observes that many of our Asian societies which have been influenced in the course of history by the Catholic faith brought by the missionaries of old, while cutting these Catholic roots have lost or are in the process of loosing their point of reference. These “new societies” are thus led to deal day by day with problems — which concern human life, bioethics, the biological development of the human being, deontology — from a purely naturalist point of view. Without reference to God, they work out laws and impose them by force.
The laws of any society must refer to the Decalogue. Out of this framework, they can only cause deviations and evil. Deprived of landmarks laid down by our Creator, any society heads for dissolution, which already appears to many to be irreversible. Many of our modern societies have become truly insane. Drug, youth delinquency and abortion are only some aspects of this insanity.
Man seeks to substitute himself to God, and consequently seeks to dispose without shame of the life of others. Society even intends to implement legislations, which reduce man to a simple machine without a heart which one can get rid of when it bothers or is considered useless; even postulating that certain lives are not worth living.
In such a context, any form of Justice appears illusory. Be it in the most elementary protection of goods and people, or in the protection of life itself, Justice seems having gone mad. In the name of the Law it sanctions the defenders of life, releases those who kill, tolerating the most extreme deviations like the use of the artificial paradises, euthanasia, eugenics.
ACIM-Asia (the Asian branch of French medical Association ACIM) wants to bring answers within the framework of the Natural law, which emanates from God himself. And also from the Faith revealed by Our Lord Jesus-Christ and taught by Him through the Holy Catholic Church. It clearly and resolutely stands on the side of Catholic Tradition.
The restoration of the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be done thanks to our personal sanctification within the framework of our activities. This through prayer and meditation, for sure, but also by our personal training and by the apostolate God has entrusted to us: our family, our children, our patients.
The Association publishes bulletins, organizes study circles and conferences. French ACIM has with the passing of time created the Cahiers St Raphael, a true corpus of Catholic doctrines. ACIM-Asia will have for one of its tasks to translate as much as possible this labor of many years into English, adding the necessary updates. These will be our own St Raphael Notebooks in the Document section of the site. Occasionally, these will also come out in printed form as handy references for all those it concerns. Every Christian has the duty to educate himself. These publications also answer moral cases for all the health professionals in the exercise of their profession.
ACIM-Asia does not touch any subsidy, and lives thanks to those who contribute to it and who join its activities.